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SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. holds a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Quebec (RBQ), is a member of the Provincial Association of Housing Builders of Quebec Inc. (APCHQ) and also holds a permit from the Office of Protection of the Consumer (OPC).

Each client is protected by surety bonds, liability insurance of SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. and its employees are covered by the CNESST insurance plan. The company is also a member of a prevention mutual in collaboration with APCHQ and CNESST.


RBQ: Why a license?

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec plays a major role in the construction sector: it ensures not only the work quality, but also your physical safety and your protection as a consumer. The RBQ thus plays several roles in the daily lives of citizens.

The Building Act requires any construction contractor who offers services to perform or have work done in Quebec must have a valid license.

RBQ: What is license bond?

The license bond is intended to compensate any customer who has suffered a loss as a result of the non-performance or performance of construction work and resulting directly from down payments, non-completion of work, and defects discovered in the year following the end of the work.

The guarantee of license is obligatory for all the contractors.

The license bond is a financial guarantee that the contractor obtains from an association, an insurance company or a financial institution to guarantee the performance of its contractual obligations to its customers.


Why choose an entrepreneur member of APCHQ?

Because doing business with a APCHQ member contractor is ensuring a guaranteed work! Regardless of its specialty, the APCHQ member contractor has consultants at his disposal who can help him at any time:

  • Technical assistance | A problem occurs on your site? Our technical advisors can help your contractor find a solution.
  • Continued Formation| Your contractor has access to a variety of training to stay updated about the industry’s new techniques, methods and skills.
  • Contracts APCHQ | Because a well-established contract in the beginning is a recognized factor of satisfaction.
  • RBQ license and bonds | When a contractor becomes a member, we make sure that they have the appropriate licenses for the type of work they want to do. The surety is a sum of money protected, put at the disposal of the Régie du bâtiment in the event of a dispute between you and the contractor.
  • Skills Maps, Labor Relations and Health & Safety | Because the construction industry in Quebec is highly regulated, we accompany the contractor so that his company complies with the regulations in force and works in all legality.
  • Urban planning services | Because urban development is guided by regulations that differ in each city, our experts assist members in planning and carrying out their projects.
  • And much more…


The role of the CNSST

The Standards, Health and Safety Committee promotes and enforces labor rights and obligations for both workers and employers in Quebec.

  • Promotes fair and balanced working conditions;
  • Ensure the implementation and maintenance of pay equity;
  • Aims for the management of health and safety by workplaces, compensates victims of occupational injuries and ensures their rehabilitation.

Mutual Prevention

An APCHQ mutual prevention, in collaboration with CNESST, is a group of employers committed to preventing, rehabilitating and returning to work for workers who have suffered an employment injury. By joining them together, employers will benefit from pricing reflective of their efforts.


BP certified roofers are highly qualified experts who have successfully followed a set of stringent guidelines, ensuring that your roofing work will be done with unparalleled care and precision. They must be licensed, have third-party liability insurance, have worked in the industry for at least five years, provide referrals, and undergo rigorous product reviews and installation.


Any business must have a license from the Consumer Protection Office.

Why deal with a merchant who has a license?

To obtain a permit, the merchant must provide a bond to the Office. This deposit is a sum of money that can be used to compensate you if the merchant does not respect his obligations.

How do I know if a merchant has a license?

To ensure the merchant holds a license from the CPO Investment Board, refer to the Dealer Information section on the CPO website. You can also ask him for his license number. He is obliged to give you his number.


The professional liability insurance aims to repair the bodily injury, material or immaterial caused by the companies to thirds or customers during their exploitation or the execution of tasks related to their activity.

The liability insurance policy protects the company against bodily injury or property damage caused to the customer by the activities, products or work of the contractor. The liability insurance policy also covers the damage attributable to advertising or personal injury as well as the course fees that may be applicable to the defense.

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