You just had a professional rooftop job done. We used high-quality materials that were carefully installed using proven methods. You can now rest easy for the decades to come; your new rooftop will provide you with effective long-term protection.

Here are some tips about your rooftop maintenance :

When there is a heat loss coming from inside the house that melts snow up on the roof, or during rust, water flows to the lower part of the roof where it freezes afterward. Ice builds up and prevents water from escaping from the roof. As a result, water is forced into your home, which can lead to further damage. Even if your roof repair is recent with shingles and membranes of first quality, this doesn’t guarantee a 100% waterproofness, so don’t neglect the maintenance. The shingle is like the feathers on a duck; the water flows in one direction, but when it goes up there is a problem. When the snow turns to ice, the water rises under the shingles.

Ice barriers usually form when there is a good amount of snow on the roof. It’s imperative to clear the roof as soon as the accumulation reaches 24 inches (61 centimeters). However, it’s not necessary to clear the entire roof, but we still recommend it. In order to prevent any water infiltration, it’s necessary to clear the bottom of the roof. Don’t forget to also clear skylights and outlets. The meltwater flows on the snow and freezes near the cornices. You must clear a row of three feet (90 cm to 1.20 meters) from the cornice. Avoid scratching to far or you’ll end up damaging your shingles.



Leave one inch of snow in order not to damage the cover. Then trace furrows to allow water to flow. Avoid sharp objects like metal shovels; opt for plastic tools instead.

Make sure the gutters are well cleaned. Remove dead leaves, twigs and other debris so that water, snow or melted ice can flow freely. We don’t recommend installing leaf covers as it slows the water flow out of the gutters. Larger downspouts make the water flow more efficiently and keep the gutters clean. Be sure to also check the condition of the seals.

The roof is even more dangerous in winter, so be extra careful.

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