Our work method

The first step that SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. undertakes before starting a new project is the site preparation. We move or protect all patio furniture and plants that may be damaged by debris from the roof. The second step is to put in place all the necessary security measures to ensure that all employees and people in the workplace are safe. Then we remove all the old shingle. All damaged areas, for example, those damaged by water infiltration, will be removed and returned in perfect condition.

Our company is actively involved in improving the environment by avoiding the burial of asphalt shingles. Our priority is to maximize recycling. Asphalt shingles will be transferred to a recycling factory for processing. The product can be reused as an additive in asphalt for road construction, which represents a significant environmental benefit.

SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. installs a self-adhesive membrane over the first three to six feet of the eave as required, and on the entire roof, a synthetic underlay (Deckgard or Diamond Deck) is installed. We also install additional protection against ice and water in places that require it (Membrane Résisto).

SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. installs an aluminum or steel drip around the perimeter of the roof in order to prevent water from rising under the shingles. These products are available in a wide variety of colors.

SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. replaces flashings around fireplaces and brick walls. Modifications will be made behind the brick chimneys to prevent the water from stagnating. All plumbing vents and kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems are replaced. All unpainted metal is cleaned and receives a coat of primer and two coats of finish.

About the valleys, SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. uses two methods: a closed valley and an open valley. We install a self-adhesive membrane that we cover with a galvanized sheet and we finish the job by sticking the shingle with another suitable membrane. The only difference being that for the open valley, we use a pre-painted galvanized sheet.

Roof ventilation is very important. A poorly ventilated roof can reduce its longevity and affect the comfort of your home. SOMMET RENOVATION Inc. offers a wide variety of ventilation systems, installed according to the manufacturer’s standards.

SOMMET RENOVATION Inc. installs mainly BP Canada brand shingles, which is a Canadian product. Other brands such as Certainteed, IKO, and GAF can also be installed by our team. All of these brands offer a wide selection of shingles, from the more traditional architectural style to a wide choice of colors. They offer guarantees ranging between 25 years to limited lifetime guarantees.

SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. listens to its customers’ needs to meet its requirements for product choice, color, and warranties.

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