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Since its founding in 1996, SOMMET RÉNOVATION Inc. strives to provide a service and a work ethic that meet the highest standard of each and every customers. We have developed lasting relationships with our clients who have referred us. We value their trust in our company and strive to improve ourselves in order to always give a better service, which is why we would like to receive your review.

Please take a moment to read our reviews and see what sets us apart.

Hello ! I had the roof of my house and my cabin renovated by SOMMET RÉNOVATION in the fall of 2017 and I waited to see if the roofs would have any manufacturing defect and I can now confirm that the work was a high-quality work done by a nice team of professionals who have all picked up debris and nails.

Thank you mr. SOMMA for your information I will not hesitate to do business with you another time and refer you to other people.

Gilles Lafrance


Excellent service, excellent results, good advice! SOMMET RÉNOVATION has redone the roof of my old and new home and every time their professionalism continues to impress me. I gladly recommend them if you want to entrust your work to professionals and have peace of mind… and this for the life of your roof! Thank SOMMET RÉNOVATION 🙂

Marie L


We had our roof done by SOMMET RÉNOVATION in 2003, impeccable work, the roof is still in excellent condition. We had a problem with the roof vent, which seems to have deteriorated prematurely. Mr. Somma came to replace the cap of the vent for free, always courteous, his work is always as well done. Excellent service!

Maryse Lelievre


I’m happy to have chosen SOMMET RÉNOVATION for the roofing of my house. Two weeks later, Mr. Somma came to inspect in person. There was a loose vertical shingle, not to his liking, and he had it repaired immediately. Very competent, honest and serious price. They always returned my calls and answered my emails. They suggested to me what is good for me the customer. I absolutely recommend them!

Claudio Forte


Mr. Somma gave us great advice on choosing the shingle. The color is harmonized with the stones of facade. In addition, the evaluation corresponded exactly to the price. There were no additional charges. His workers did a great job and left the ground clean. It was obvious that they knew what they were doing and that they were not a one-season team. I recommend them without restriction.



I had watched the team redo the roof of my neighbor next door. So naturally I asked Carl to bid. His offer being reasonable, I accepted it! And more than 10 years later, I am always satisfied with their skill, the right advice for my house and their impeccable work. They are experts in the renovation. Everything we read on the site is true. Including after-sales service. This winter I had a slight infiltration of water due to a vent inadvertently uncovered and in less than 24 hours, everything was plugged, repaired and at no cost. Thanks to Carl.

Diane Bariteau


What was our surprise to register on the website and that Mr. Somma is on our roof the next day for measurements. Modification of the roof + change of shingle, COMPLEX but IMPECCABLE work done with METICULOUSNESS. Thank you Mr Somma, we are very happy and satisfied.

France Grenier


In 2002 SOMMET RÉNOVATION had done our roofing, shingles 25-year warranty. In the fall of 2016, we see that the shingles are very damaged. Carl Somma came to take pictures and takes care of our project. Thanks to him, we received an amount proportional to the years, in compensation. With his very competent and meticulous team, he has just redone our entire roof. Since 2002, we have done business with Mr. Somma, we only positive feedback. Impeccable work, exceptional after-sales service, even after all these years. And return from a quick call. Carl Somma is very professional, which is rare now. Thank you very much, we appreciate a lot.

Marie Lefebvre,


I met with Carl Somma after some wind damaged much of my roof. He provided detailed information to my insurance company and got back to me quickly anytime I had any questions. The emergency repairs were done right away and we are currently waiting for the spring to change all the shingles. He has provided the best service I have ever had from any contractor. I’m looking forward to having a new roof in the next few months and I’ll post a review of that work then, although judging from what I have seen so far, I have no doubt that it will be excellent.

Angelo Fiorentino


I did business with this company lately to have my roof redone. I am very satisfied with the work: respect for the deadline determined at the signing of the contract to come to carry out the work, the employees are very respectful, they work seriously and in a safe way, moreover they pick up everything before their departure and leave the clean places. I am delighted by the result of the work and I highly recommend this company


Yellow Page

Impeccable service and first-class products; courtesy and excellent after-sales service. Attention to details. I highly recommend SOMMET RÉNOVATION for roof renovation.


Yellow Pages

Very good job from all the roofers’ team and within the deadlines determined in spite of bad weather. Excellent service from Mr. Somma; very professional in all his approach. To recommend.

Yves Laliberté


SOMMET RÉNOVATION redid our roof to our satisfaction. We have fully trusted Mr. Somma for his expertise, his experience, and his professionalism. After-sale service, always available and effective. We recommend this company.

Mr. Hordequin


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